ACG’s management team has extensive experience in identifying, investing, and managing growing companies in becoming financially sustainable, while partnering with localised teams that are highly specialised within their respected fields.

Mahesh Harilela

Mr. Harilela’s experience involves creating and developing companies in both Trading and Brand Development. Over the last 25 years Harilela has developed start-ups in branded watches and electronics, leading him to a venture in supply chain management for Nichimen Corporation in Japan. Harilela currently sits on the Board of Directors for M. Harilela Global Investments Ltd., CEO of Alta Classe Global, Commercial Consul for Honorary Consulate of Maldives, and Chairman of King George V School’s Strategic Development Committee.

Michele Matsuda

Mr. Matsuda came to Hong Kong from Wall Street where he was an Investment Banker to run his own enterprises in telecommunications. He was the Chairman and CEO of two listed companies in both Hong Kong and Japan. With over 25 years of experience in Asia, USA, and Europe in Financial Services and Operations, Matsuda continued his career as a consultant for other Investment Banks in Hong Kong while providing cross-border financial advice to clients in Japan and greater Asia.

Hironori Kobayashi

Mr. Kobayashi is a serial entrepreneur, having founded and owned enterprises in Japan before founding ACG. Kobayashi currently runs S.I. Management Limited, a Hong Kong-based Investment Management Company with subsidiaries in Japan and Macau, as Director of the Group. Within S.I. Management, Kobayashi is involved in the provision of consultancy services to several businesses applying for listing on the Growth Enterprise Market of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange, while spearheading the development of Mega Solar Plants in Japan.

Frederico Alexandre Dos Santos Rosário

Mr. Dos Santos Rosário is General Manager of ACG’s Representative Office in Macau. He started his career in Business Intelligence before moving to start his own ventures. Mr. Dos Santos Rosário is a Partner and Director of several small-medium trading and consultancy companies. In addition to his role at ACG, Dos Santos Rosário impressively promoted Macau as the platform between China and Portuguese-speaking countries through his role as Chairman of the Board of APCL (China and Lusofonia Countries Economic Interexchange, Trade and Cultural Promotion Association) – a role that he took on for three years. He is now the Chairman of the Board of the Grow uP eSports Association Macau to promote eSports culture and tournaments with the aim to diversify the economy.


Sebastião d’AlmadaRemedios

Mr. d’AlmadaRemedios started his career in start-up enterprises in Hong Kong and Canada before selling his assets to move in to Management Consulting, implementing systems and controls in risk and regulations in Financial and Capital Markets. Seb now acts as a Director of S.I. Energy Holdings Limited, an Executive Manager at S.I. Management Limited and sits on the Board of Directors in Alta Classe Global, where he facilitates in the business development and day-to-day management of the Group and its clients.


Enzo Piacenza

Mr. Piacenza has spent over four decades in the textile industry having owned and operated the family-owned Piacenza Cashmere 1733 in Italy alongside his brother. Piacenza Cashmere 1733 is a leader in the market in the production of high-quality fabrics and clothing – specialising in high-end cashmere. Piacenza now manages Piacenza Consulting, which acts as an intermediary between Italian fashion brands, offshore businesses, and investors.